Thursday, April 16, 2015

Song for Seuss

 To tune of: BINGO

There was a man who wrote some books

And Seuss was his name-o!

S-E-U-S-S, S-E-U-S-S, S-E-U-S-S


Wash your Hands

To tune of: Row your Boat

Wash, Wash, Wash your Hands

Wash the germs away!

Watch the suds do down the drain

So the germs do not stay!

We love the Flag!

We l-o-v-e love the flag!

We love the flag.

We love the flag.

We l-o-v-e love the flag!

It's red and white and blue!

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Here is a Cave

Here is a cave.
(Bend fingers on one hand.)
Inside is a bear.
(Put thumb inside fingers.)
Now he comes out
To get some fresh air.
(Pop out thumb.)

He stays out all summer
In sunshine and heat.
He hunts in the forest
For berries to eat.
(Move thumb in a circle.)

When snow starts to fall,
He hurries inside
His warm little cave
And there he will hide.
(Put thumb inside fingers.)

Snow covers the cave
Like a fluffy white rug.
Inside the bear sleeps
All cozy and snug.
(Place one hand over the other.)