Wednesday, January 4, 2012

All for Baby

Here's a Ball for Baby
(touch fingertips of both hands together to make a ball)
Big and soft and round.

Here's the baby's hammer
(pound one fist on the other)
Oh, see how he can pound

Here is the baby's music
(clap hands)
Clapping, clapping so

Here are the baby's soldiers
(hold up hands with ten fingers)
Standing in a row.

Here is baby's trumpet
(hold one fist over the other in front of mouth)
Toot, too, too, too, too

Here's the way that baby plays at peek-a-boo
(cover eyes with fingers)

Here's a big umbrella
(form fist with one hand and extend index finger, cup the other hand over the finger to form an umbrella)
To keep the baby dry.

Here is baby's cradle
(interlock fingers to make cradle)
Rock-a-baby bye.

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