Thursday, April 5, 2012

The Day I Went to Sea

When I was one
(hold up one finger)

I sucked my thumb  
 (mock sucking thumb)

The day I went to sea.

I jumped aboard a pirate ship  

And the captain said to me.  
(point to self)

We're going this way  
(lean and sway while pointing right)

And that way
(lean and sway while pointing left)

And forward  
(rock/walk forward)

And backward  
(rock/walk backward)

Across the deep blue sea.  
(spin in circle)

Additional Verses:
When I was two, I tied my shoe...
When I was three, I scraped my knee...
When I was four, I shut the door...
When I was five, I danced a jive... (or learned to dive)...

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