Thursday, August 9, 2012

Five Little Witches

Five little witches standing by the door. 
(hold up five fingers) 

One flew out and then there were four. 

(Flying motion with hand) 

Four little witches standing by a tree. 

(four fingers) 

One went to pick a pumpkin and then there were three. 

(picking motion with three fingers) 

Three little witches stirring their brew.


One fell in and then there were two. 

(two fingers) 

Two little witches went for a run. 

(run with fingers) 

One got lost and then there was one. 

(one finger) 

One little witch, yes, only one. 

(one finger) 

She cast a spell and now there are none.

(make motions as if to cast spell and then put hands in lap).

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