Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Five Gingerbread Men

Five little gingerbread men in a row

(Hold up five fingers, waving back & forth) 

Not gonna' eat one no, no, no.

(shake finger and head side to side)

But they look so sweet from head to toe

(hand binoculars at eyes touch head then toes)

Crunch, munch... uh oh!

(slap thighs on crunch, clap hands on munch, then put hands over mouth on uh oh)
Continue til...
No little gingerbread men in a row

Wasn't gonna' eat one, no, no, no

But they looked so sweet that it's sad to tell

(binoculars on sweet, then index fingers run down cheeks to represent tears on sad) Crunch..munch... oh well!

(slap thighs once, clap once, then throw hands up and shrug shoulders)

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